Back in Blue

Hello, LONG time, no see, readers! I can make one thousand and one excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging, but let’s focus on the important stuff: has Kylie Jenner gotten her lips surgically altered? Are Amal and George going to break up? How does Beyoncé feel about losing to Beck? I’m back NOW!

In this crazy collegiate lifestyle of study, work, and play, I strive for balance and time to blog. Some of you may be wondering, Christine, did you not blog because you were sad? Did you not blog because you were over-scheduled and didn’t have time? Did you not blog because a wild caffeinated collegiate creature on the loose ate your laptop while you were working in Starbucks alone at night? Did you run out of clothes and briefly become a nudist, therefore leaving your fashion blog without fashions to blog about?

Honestly, it was that last reason.  I was just super naked, like all the time. Speaking of nakedness– let’s talk about my look! No shirt! It’s true! My parents read this blog! I can’t wait to get a concerned phone call from them and hear what they have to say!!! P1030580   I’ve decided that this blazer-and-bra but ahahaha check it out no blouse ensemble is my new go-to party outfit. It’s got me hooked! Get it? Hooked! Like the hooks on the back of a bra! My jokes! You missed them! P1030614   OMG it’s not a push-up bra, calm down and stop judging my lack of cleavage… It’s a balconette. These pieces didn’t come together, but the boyfriend fit of the blazer and the loose harem-trouser hybrid fit of the pants made me feel like an old-timey gangster man about to ~~**~get jiggy wit it~**~~ P1030582   Belly button! Nevertheless, some people were not a fan of my look… their primary critique being, “wtf, why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” Whatever. They see me rollin’, they hatin’, patrollin’, they want me to be wearin’ a shirt-y P1030625   I like how this outfit makes me feel sexy in a “I’m dressed like a particularly chic boy” kind of way. Seriously! For me, this drag king light look is making me feel every shade of confident. Especially the blue shade, obviously. Go drag or go home, fashionistas. I’m taking this androgynous monochrome to the stars. P1030578 P1030618 P1030616 P1030563 P1030652 P1030591   I think the most stylish thing I can do is wear what I want. Or should I say, not-wear, what I want, riggghhtt??? Bras. -baby dinosaur

Finals Week

I know I’ve been out for a while now– it’s just because I’m so busy preparing and taking final exams! Once winter break is here, I promise I’ll have more to share! So for right now here is some fashion inspiration I picked up from, you guessed it– ugh, FINAAALLSSS WEEKKK Finals Week

Closed button down shirt

Topshop long sleeve button down shirt
$80 –

Polka dot top

T shirt

Alberta Ferretti red jacket

Oasis yellow blazer
$63 –

Missoni long black skirt
$775 –

Preen wool pants

J Brand jeans

H&M gray pants
$39 –

Hand made sign

Liebster Award

First thing first I’m the realest <– so how many of us hate that song now?
Anyway, first thing first I would like to thank StyleBreakdown for nominating me for The Liebster Award! I am honored by this and very happy– my first blog award nomination! As the kid who played background characters with names like “Hester” in high school plays and had positions like “designated runner” on the softball team, I think it’s pretty freakin’ cool when recognition rolls around my way. Why does that sound annoying? I just re-read that sentence and definitely threw some shade my way. Meta-shade. Oh well, it is what it is.

So the RULES for the Liebster Award:

1. Thank the blog that nominated you and link them.
2. Post eleven facts about yourself.
3. Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you and then create an eleven question set for the next group of nominees.
4. Choose eleven people to nominate and link them on the post.
5. Let your nominees know they’ve been tagged – and no tag backs!

11 Facts About Myself:

1. My two favorite artists are Frida Kahlo and Amy Winehouse (I know these aren’t the same kind of artist). I see a lot of myself in them and I think they are radiant human beings. I did two photo shoots in their honor here and there.

2. One time I saw a picture of a really cute baby pig in my biology textbook and proceeded to become a pescatarian for the next three days.

3. I am obsessed with Indian food. I like Indian food more than my own culture’s food. I want to go to India for food tourism.

4. When I was very young I forgot the English word for butter because I was so used to calling it mantequilla.

5. I like Mindy Kaling more than Beyonce.

6. I hate the name Christina (my name is Christine).

7. Yeah, I still get my right and left confused.

8. I’ve had a lisp since I could speak. It’s funny, because the speech teachers were like, “no worries, Baby Dinosaur’s Mom– her lisp will be gone by high school and alasth, here I am in college and I sthtill talk like I’m in sthecond grade.

9. Really, really, really old people make me cry. Straight up, when I think about really old people and how old they are I start crying a little bit. Not like an all-out cry, but there’s definitely some gentle weeping going on. I also think old people smell like ham.

10. I paint my nails LIKE A CHILD I am so bad at it.

11. My spirit animal is a baby dinosaur (thus the name of this blog).

11 Answer’s to StyleBreakdown’s Questions: 

1. What is your favorite movie to watch on a girly evening with your friends?
Probably The Breakfast Club. I feel like somehow we always end up on that one.

2. Favorite pamper/relaxing product.
I don’t really have a specific product that I turn to for pampering, but I like getting into bed and putting on fuzzy socks when my feet are chilly. That feels SOOO good!! I also like gouda cheese a lot. That’s not really a pamper/relaxation product, but now feels like the right time to share that.

3. Do you watch YouTube beauty videos?
Nah, but I like watching Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling interviews. Also music videos where Bruno Mars dances so I can sigh about how dreamy I think he is.

4. Who is your celebrity style crush?
also Kendall/Kylie Jenner TBHHH….

5. What are the top three high end beauty products on your wish list right now?
tbh I’m just so unfamiliar with beauty products that I’m just incapable of answering this .

6. Which 3 celebs would you invite over for Christmas diner and why?
-Mindy Kaling because she is my favorite and like maybe if she thinks I’m cool and funny and cool and trendy and cool she’ll like let me write for or act on her show.
-Donald Glover/Childish Gambino because he is the one I want. to. wife. me.
-Zooey Deschanel because in general I think she is a pretty fly human being.

7. What is the one place you would love to visit if you were to win a all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world? 
Ever since I’ve seen my first image of Mykonos, Greece I have wanted to go there. It is the most aesthetically pleasing to me.

8. Do you have a color scheme for your Christmas tree (red&gold, silver&white etc.) or do you have Christmas decorations that have been in your family for years in all different colors but filed with memories?
See the thing is my family has moved around a lot, so every time we move all our ornaments get packed up into boxes and hard to dig out later. If we can’t find the old ornaments after a move, we’d go out and buy some new ones. We’ve really collected quite a bunch over the course of our many moves. So by now it’s kinda like we got this plethora ornaments all playing hide and seek in our basement and whichever ones we find first we use.

9. Favorite song right now?
Right now I’m really obsessed with this girl Sinead Harnett. I can’t just name one song by her, I’m still in the process of discovering her music and I’m just liking everything I find by her. I also really like her clothes in every video of her I find. Just a cool fly woman overall. I’ve got a bit of a girl crush on her.

10. Whom or what is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Straight up singing the National Anthem or Al Green songs or Amy Winehouse songs alone in my parked car. Or practicing my singing impersonations. No joke. This sounds so creepy and crazy and bizarre I’m aware but I’ll just be driving and singing and by the time I arrive to my destination or whatever I’ll just like stay in my car and heinously belt for like an honest 15 minutes. I’m not even joking I’m just that odd. This is really personal information and I trust that the internet is a safe space (HA yeah right) so plz dnt judge.
OOOOHHH and LONG showers at 1am. I think if everyone took a long hot 1am shower we’d get to world peace in like 4 days. I should’ve just used this as my answer, but that sounds a little too overtly sensual, no?

11. If you had to live anywhere else in the world where would you like to live?
Either an apartment in Laguna Niguel California or maybe Puerto Rico. Either way I need a more tropical environment. I’m becoming increasingly aware about how I’m just built for a tropical environment, people tell me it’s genetics because my family is from the Caribbean and maybe that’s it but yooo I just need ocean and warmth. I like tropical weather. I like tropical food. I like tropical people. Also I used to be really brown and since moving to this chillier environment I’ve lost SOO much of my color and I think my new paleness makes me look a little ill.

People I nominate: 

1. Priyanka: A Space to Convene

2. Gaby: Dum Spiro Spero

3. Mariah: My Beloved

4. Berta: Miss Pompari

5. Brittany:  The Broke Black Chick 

6. Laney: Downtown Romantic

7. Amy: Vintage Reflection

8. Christian: Chrissy Joy Style

9. Eda: Luxe & Linen

10. Andrea: Ms. Lunatic

11. Fashion For Lunch

My 11 Questions for the bloggers I nominated:

1. How do you feel about gerbils? I personally, am conflicted.

2. What would be some features of your childhood dream playground? (ex: for me I would like very long swirly slides with some steep parts and a large climbing net)

3. Some people have a drink of choice, do you have a cheese of choice?

4. Who was the first person you had a crush on and then looked back at later and asked yourself, “wait, what? Why? Why was I attracted to that person again? How did that happen? I mean, they’re not ugly, but what?” You are allowed to use codenames, but you must describe the experience otherwise I will take away some of your style points. (this isn’t a real punishment, but I want to hear funny stories)

5. What’s your social security number? What’s your credit card number? Passport identification number? Don’t answer any of these questions. What concert would you steal candy from a baby from in order to win tickets to? (<— answer that question.)

6. When was the last time you said something about yourself that was kind of a stretch but not really a lie but it was definitely a stretch in order to make yourself seem cooler/more hip/trendier to a peer? What did you claim? Do feel comfortable answering this question? If not, you are allowed to omit.

7. Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I what the youth call, ‘basic’?”

8. How does the smell of Play-doh make you feel?

9. Is there a particular fashion statement you refuse to make? For example, I refuse to wear harem pants with boots.

10. Alright. Name the last song you honestly cried to. Maybe the song made you cry, maybe you were chopping onions and the song came on, maybe your life is a movie and when you cry a crying-appropriate tune comes on. What song was it?

11. Have you ever underwent an experience or ate a certain food (for me, it was red velvet pancakes) that made you feel like you had reached or come closer to reaching enlightenment?

Hey, nominees! Remember to refer to the Liebster Award Rules posted above for your next steps! 


The Awko-Taco Photoshoot-o

For this post, I’ve decided to intentionally use the awkward photos! While some of you may be thinking, “now, baby dinosaur, isn’t that what you were doing before?” To that, I would have to respond, “no, no, I wasn’t actually. Thank you for making me feel heinous today.”

Just kidding– I’m in my prime and NO ONE CAN MAKE ME FEEL HEINOUS because I am the perfect combination of adorable, smart, and sexy! (I want you to figure out the acronym for that because I invented it and felt clever.) Real talk though, I can feel myself peaking now. Which is a total relief because up until a few months ago I was totally convinced I had peaked in fourth grade. You may think I’m joking, but I had it all in fourth grade. The beach, the bae (I called him Cheeseball everyday until my teacher had to like pull me aside and be like, “Christine, it’s very obvious you like this boy. Calm yourself.”),and I was the fastest girl runner in my class.

And of course now you’re thinking, yeah, you totally peaked in fourth grade. There’s just no beating that. 

1. My personal favorite shot of the day: 


2. “What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? What do you call it? NACHO CHEEESSSEE HAHAHA OMG ISN’T THAT FUNNY? That one never gets old.”: 


3. The “Sure, that looks candid enough”: 


4. Wtf, I swear that leaf just bit me: 


5. Pose with the leaf? But what if it bites me again?: 


6. I remember the time that dude had a strawberry frosted doughnut and he so knew that strawberry frosted is my favorite kind of doughnut and that it’s so underrated and he like totally didn’t even share or let me have one bite of his strawberry frosted doughnut even though he had TWO of them! TWO! Man, I hate that guy.:  


7. The one that kind of looks good? but it’s still awkward looking: 


8. DIY necklace ft. boobs because how else was this shot going to work? 


top: mom hand me down

skirt: Forever 21

necklace: DIY– some string and an earring that had lost its mate

shoes: Target

bracelet: Urban Outfitters

-baby dinosaur 

How to Wear Leggings in the Fall and Not Look Like a Basic: A Guide

I’m back from THE FLU and I’m here for THE STYLE POINTS. I don’t like how long it’s been since I last blogged so I come back with a secret weapon: a style guide on HOW TO WEAR LEGGINGS IN THE FALL AND NOT LOOK LIKE A BASIC.

I’m usually quite anti-leggings because of their stigmatized basicness, but alas their comfort and versatility draws basics with the gravity of pumpkin spice latte promotions and infinity scarf sales. It’s fall. Prime time for basic spotting. Most of us are basic, but won’t admit it. So I present you a guide authored by a basic-girl-totally-in-denial-about-being-basic, a basic posing as a non-basic: a poseur– the ultimate basic. I will show even the most basic legging-lover how to stand out in your leggings so that you too, may fool your peers into thinking you’re a trendy non-basic.

So here’s a style guide how to pretend you’re something you’re not from a pro!


1. Don’t filter your photos. Filters are for basics insecure in raw footage. Who even uses filters anymore. Like, ha, instagram what even is that– myspace? (((Just adjust the lighting so that there’s no filter, but it just looks cool and filtered and your skin looks radiant. Stand and pose like a small quirky baby deer.))) Shhhhh #nofilter #nofilter #nofilter just keep telling yourself that


2. Bowler hat. Wear a hat. I chose a bowler hat, you may choose a different hat. Evade knit beanie-caps that look like those hats babies wear but somehow end up on teenager’s heads. Basics wear those in the fall. JUST KIDDING WEAR WHATEVER HAT YOU WANT BE YOURSELF THAT’S WHAT’S REALLY TRENDY IN 2014

just not a knit hat. perchance a beret.


3. Arguably the most important step: do not give a tepid F about the presence or absence of thigh gaps. Seriously, who came up with looking that closely? Oh RIGHT THE BASIC POPULATION ON INSTAGRAM THAT WE ARE NOT A PART OF. 


4. Tie a kimono around your waist.


5. Gather leaves for your rockin’ LEAF COLLECTION and not your diet or selfie. Cool girls collect leaves on saturday. On wednesdays they wear NOT LEGGINGS– harem pants.


6. Just a hint: if you match your boots to your leggings and your boots have heels your legs might have a chance at looking longer. Or less chubby. But I’m just a short teen whose muscle, fat, and skin in general pools together in her thighs so like I might not be the best source on this idk…

*that was sarcasm. I’m an excellent source on this. Non-basics would understand sarcasm. That’s the real STEP #6, B


7. Leather accents are pretty hip. Also doesn’t have to be a bowler hat. I just advocate strongly for bowler hats. It can be any kind of hat you’re drawn to. I just really like bowler hats. Bowler hat. Subliminal messaging. Hat. What you bowler want hat.


8. “I am not basic”


9. “I am a unique individual.”


10. #nofilter #Ijusteditedthelighting #notalot #imnotlying


11. Be a baby dinosaur. HA. No you can’t do that that’s my thing and if you do that you’re copying and copying is what basics do so go find your own quirky spirit animal, ya basic baetch

Sweater: Forever 21
Leggings: TJ Maxx… in like 7th grade…
Boots: Mom hand me downs
KImono: H&M
Bowler Hat: H&M
Sunglasses: prescription from Costco because CLASSY SOPHISTICATION

How many style points do I get? 

-baby dinosaur


HMD: Hand-Me-Down. (although urban dictionary will tell you something entirely different and far less trendy). This entire outfit, with the exception of the earrings, was made of hand me downs. In fact, probably 50% of my closet is clothes that have been passed down to me by a mother, aunt… even dad or brother. And shoes! OMG.. I hardly ever buy my own shoes. I’ve mastered the art of walking in shoes that are a size and a half too large on me. (You get some insoles, bandaids, and some cotton balls if those feel necessary too and just walk like you know what you’re doing)


tank top: mom
gauchos: mom
shoes: aunt (and I am OBSESSED with these, ankle straps 4 dayz)
bag: mom
earrings: market in Guatemala

Before you continue on, I’d like to inform my readers that I did not use photoshop or any other photo editing forum to adjust any part of my body, however, I did change the lighting in some (not all) pictures. I have never edited any part of my body in any of my pictures, but I have added filters and changed lighting/color saturation/sharpness/stuff for the general photograph, but never any adjustments (such as flaw corrector, eye brightener, slimming tools) to make my body look smoother, skinnier… closer to perfect. I’d like to be honest about my photo editing from this post on.

HMD's 2



behold the lovely bit of dandruff and smudged red lipstick in my ~~close-up~~


P1030359 HMD's 3

OOOHHH and look at me here, just being your average latina flamenco’ing everywhere she goes. Yup. This is how we commute.




-baby dino

Leather Pants

Leather Pants

H M shirts top
$16 –

Morgan black pants
$280 –

Alexander McQueen heeled sandals
$1,040 –

Forever New pumps
$62 –

Goroke black shoes

Barbour buckle bracelet
$215 –

Long necklace

H m ring
$3.21 –

Gisele Heidi Naomi Kate

Don’t worry, the weird marks in my armpit aren’t hair– it’s a small rash, ha whoops! Not shaving would be gross, DUHH. #buthairisnatural #butimstillgonnashave

No te preocupes, las marcas extrañas en mi axila no son pelo– es un sarpullido pequeño, jajaja ay… No afeitar? que asco… #peropeloesnatural #peronomeimportaafeito

top/camisa: Love Culture
pants/pantalones: Forever 21
earrings and necklace/ aretes y collar: Forever 21
shoes/zapatos: DSW
bracelet/pulsera: H&M
ring/anillo: hand me down


I like this shirt because in wearing it I feel like I’m letting everyone around me know that there’s this joke in the fashion world… and I’m in on it! And they’re not! Because they don’t know about fashion are dumb!

Me gusta esta camisa porque en llevarla siento como estoy gritando a todos que hay un chisme grande pero secreto en el mundo de la moda… ¡y yo lo sé! ¡Y ellos no saben! Porque no saben todo del mundo de la moda NADA.


^^This is the kind of look I would give to Kate Moss if she EVER SAID “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” within a 10 mile radius of me. Yes Kate, you are beautiful, talented, and influential and yeah, more important than me IGUESSS… but this quote was dumb. This was really dumb. Have you ever had a pastalito de guayaba? Oh you haven’t? Maybe because you aren’t the perfect combination of dainty and curvaceous white girl chonga girl like me?


“I feel like when people judge me they’re not judging me, because they don’t know who I am.” -Gisele Bundchen


“Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue… and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness.” -Naomi Campbell


“Jam! I love my jam. I’ve just had a batch of it come through, I’ve been making it.” -Kate Moss (so apparently she likes food now? Jam? Isn’t that one of those, “not-skinny” foods, KATE?)


“Never underestimate the power of the ocean.” -Heidi Klum (btdubs what inspired her to say this? Did something happen? Is she okay? Do we need to call someone?)


“Don’t compare yourself to me, ever.” -Naomi Campbell


“My features are completely ethnic.” -Naomi Campbell. Wtheck that means IDK



Wow, don’t I look so sad and lonely in that? Don’t answer that. I like this picture. I call it “Kate Moss wants her Jam”.

-baby dino

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